Nigeria: Committee Investigates Lagos Illegal Dredging

A Committee, established by the Lagos State House of Assembly to investigate and evaluate illegal dredging and reclamation of land on Lagos Waterways, has initiated the verification of documents obtained by firms to operate on Lagos waterways, reports the Daily Sun.

Chairman of the Committee, Rotimi Abiru, said: “The Lagos State Government will not tolerate any company dredging, stock piling or engaging in reclamation of land without genuineness or permit issue by the regulating body. During our visitation to Lagos Lagoon last year November, we observed that many companies were operating illegally on our waterways without approval or permit from the Ministry of Waterfront and Infrastructure Development.”

This initiative is part of the Lagos State House of Assembly’s determination to equip the “Neighborhood Watch” a state security outfit, to perform effectively and efficiently.

Chairman, House Committee on Agriculture, Cooperative and Rural Development, Ibrahim Layode said this during a meeting with the Ministry of Rural Development and leadership of the “Neighborhood Watch” in the state.


Dredging Today Staff, March 5, 2012