SIDA Provides Updates on Sea Pines Dredging Project (USA)

SIDA Provides Updates on Sea Pines Dredging Project

South Island Dredging Association (SIDA) has provided updates on Sea Pines dredging project:

· The permitting process started on January 11th with a meeting of the Dredging Task Force. The task force is being led by the Army Corps of Engineers and includes representatives from all the involved agencies.

· The permitting participants are currently reviewing specific proposals developed by GEL Engineering, working on behalf of SIDA, that respond to various test procedures required by the inland open water disposal protocol.

· Based on the discussions and presentations during the January meeting it appears the Dredging Task Force is satisfied with the toxicology testing done in 2000 and 2008 which clearly demonstrated the very favorable position of all Sea Pines waterways compared to the permitting standards.

· With the exception of the Baynard Park POA, all of the Sea Pines venues are participating in the dredge program. Baynard Park has not completed their dredge review at the time this update was received.

· SIDA has formed a communications committee and with the goal of broadening their outreach. SIDA continues to engage with political and environmental entities, and they also continue to receive strong support from the Dredge Now group.

· Though the permitting process is demanding and time consuming, SIDA officials are “very pleased with the progress to date”.


Dredging Today Staff, March 9, 2012; Image: seapinesliving