Norway: Officials Invite Bids for Harstad Dredging

Kystverket Nordland has announced tender for the dredging works at the Kabelvag area.

Kystverket is the project manager and developer of the project, “Clean Harstad Harbour”.

The project will further develop a fairway in Harstadbotn, and environmentally clear the sludge by dredging and capping. The masses from the clearing will be placed in a waterside depot by Seljestad.

Total quantity or scope:

– Dredging of contaminated masses: 120,000 m3;

– Dredging of clean masses: 14,000 m3;

– Blasting below water: 16,200 m3;

– Covering using clean masses: 88,500 m² – minimum thickness 0.2 m;

– Construction of waterside depot.

The deadline for this tender is April 20, 2012.


Dredging Today Staff, March 16, 2012;

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