Funding for Falmouth Harbour Dredging Still on Table (UK)

Cornwall Council has not excluded funding the Falmouth Harbour dredging to the sum of £23 million, reports Carnwall.

Concerns have been raised about the use of public money for the project which is part of the Falmouth Port Masterplan. The main financial beneficiaries of the dredging would be private companies owned by multinational firms worth billions of pounds. Thus a question has been imposed as to why taxpayers’ money is being used to finance the scheme.

According to the Masterplan document, the “dredging of the main channel and deep water berth” would cost £23 million and indicates that the “potential funding source” would be Cornwall Council.

Cornwall Council stated that current £78 million has been allocated to the Falmouth Masterplan in its capital budget program, with £12 million of that coming from council resources. It stressed the allocation has not been linked to any specific project and is there to support the implementation of the masterplan alongside other funding sources. Councilor Chris Ridgers, Cabinet member for economy and regeneration, has also denied the council is set to pay the bill for the dredging however he has not excluded the possibility for the council to act as a vehicle for providing the £23 million needed for the dredging.

Nothing is off the table at the moment. We are still working out all the details and there is a commitment from the council to support the Masterplan,” he said.


Dredging Today Staff, March 23, 2012;