Mexico: Dredging Reduces Environmental Harm at Manzanillo Port

Environmental harm caused by the construction of the second phase of the Specialized Container Terminal (ECT), the port of Manzanillo, Mexico, will be reduced by already initiated dredging of the canals and creating islands in the lagoon of the Valley of the Herons, reports The Bulletin Panama.

The Mexican Ministry of Environment has organized the work that will be conducted by biotechnology and industrial sanitation companies while dredging will be carried out by Pacific ecosystems.

Enrique Michel Ruiz, the port director, said that the work includes dredging sanitation through submerged channels that interconnect from the bridge over the creek at Punta de Agua on Avenida Elias Zamora, and the sewer vent in the channel of the inter-lagoon basin north of the port. The dredged material will be used for building ecological islands.

Approximately 4.2 kilometers of canals will be dredged and six islands will be built over an area of 52,000 square meters with a depth of approximately 1.20 meters above the current bottom. It has been estimated that 150 cubic meters will be dredged in total.

The first of two “swamp” dredges of 22 tons have reached the port and have already been deployed.

The work is slated to be completed in three months, with a 12% portion already finished.


Dredging Today Staff, March 23, 2012;