Ellicott’s “Brutus” Arrives at Grand Lake (USA)

Ellicott's Brutus Arrives at Grand Lake

A new 12″ suction dredge arrived Wednesday at the East Bank launch ramp. The new dredge has been named “Brutus” by the Grand Lake St. Marys dredge staff.

The dredge was manufactured by Ellicott Dredges in Baltimore, Maryland at an approximate cost of $670,000. “Brutus” will replace the 1968 “St. Marys” dredge which is also a 12″ suction dredge.

Ellicott's Brutus Arrives at Grand Lake.

Parts for the new dredge were unloaded last week at Grand Lake St. Marys State Park in western Ohio, and a four-man crew began assembling the 57-ton craft on Thursday.

“Brutus” will be used to remove silt that collects on the lake floor, thereby making it easier for boaters to navigate the lake and reducing the threat of potentially toxic blue-green algae blooms. The silt is rich in phosphorus, which feeds the algae blooms.


Dredging Today Staff, March 26, 2012; Images: lakeimprovement