USA: New Geothermal Bags May Speed Up Wares Creek Project, Says Official

New Geothermal Bags May Speed Up Wares Creek Project, Says Official

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers spokesperson stated that new geothermal bags were placed at Wares Creek recently. These new bags will be used to speed up the flood control project in this area, reports

After the dredging operations the extracted materials needed to dry out in order to be taken away to a landfill. This process took some time in the previous geothermal bags, so the dredging had been temporarily paused. Operations resumed on Wednesday.

Amanda Ellison, a Corps spokeswoman in the Jacksonville district, said: “These new bags brought in are bigger and they’ll be able to put more material in them. And the material should be able to dry out even faster.

Cedar Hammock-Wares Creek, a $51.8 million project, has an aim to reduce flooding in this area.

Dredging works were expected to be finished by April but the finding of unexpected additional sand-like sediment and equipment adjustment pushed back dredging completion to May or June.

Dan Hough, a resident on Virginia Drive near the project site, states that if the dredger was bigger and more powerful then perhaps the process would finish faster.

Follow-up works are scheduled for the Creek; the Ninth Avenue Bridge will be taken down and replaced with a new one. Channel widening will also be needed.


Dredging Today Staff, March 30, 2012; Image: Manatee County Government