Australia: Mooloolah River Bar Needs Safer Solution, MP Says

Mooloolah River Bar Needs Safer Solution, MP Says

The Mooloolah River bar is becoming a life risk due to more boats grounding. Urgent action is needed at the entrance to the Mooloolaba Harbour.

State MP Fiona Simpson said she met with the new Transport Minister and discussed the severity of the issue. She stated: “I lobbied the previous Government who claimed solutions under investigation were too expensive but then refused to provide details of their investigation publicly,” according to

Ms Simpson added: “Lives are being put at risk on what used to be one of the safest protected harbour entrances on the east coast.“

Due to the previous dredging project being restricted by bad weather, alternative measures were considered. These included submerging the sand pumping pipeline under the river to attach from the eastern wall to allow more continuance dredging without boat traffic interference and a mobile sand shifter.

Many experienced fishermen and recreational seamen are worried about the state of the Mooloolaba Harbour entrance and the bar which had formed outside of the harbour entrance.


Dredging Today Staff, April 10, 2012; Image: hallcontracting