USA: Port of Iberia Expansion Project Progresses Well

On Monday, Roy Pontiff, executive director of the Port of Iberia, visited slip C-8 where maintenance dredging is taking place, lowering its depth to 13 feet, which is the initial phase of the big expansion project.

We’re probably more than 50 percent — with that phase of the project — complete,” Pontiff said.

He said the progress with the dredging is going well. After surveying the small boat, which sucked the dirt off the slip’s floor, he visited the site where that silt was spewed out. Though the muck is all wet, it will soon dry once the dredging ends, Pontiff said.

According to The Daily Iberian, it’s the first step in the expansion, which will offer nine parcels for lease and one is already filled.


Dredging Today Staff, April 11, 2012;