Australia: Slurry Pipes Launch New UHMWPE Pipe for Dredging Applications

Slurry Pipes Launch New UHMWPE Pipe for Dredging Applications

Slurry Pipes launch new UHMWPE pipe on the Australian market for demanding mining and dredging applications.

Slurry Pipes is a division of Roll-a-Pipe Pty Ltd. specializes in providing wear-resistant Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) pipes (trademarked as Ultra PE Pipe™) to the mining and dredging industries. Ultra PE Pipe™ is Ultra wear resistant, has Ultra low friction, is Ultra smooth, is Ultra tough because of its Ultra high molecular weight. Slurry Pipes offers a large range of Ultra wear and abrasion resistant UHMWPE pipes for applications such as dredging pipe, slurry pipes for hydrotransport, mineral sands pipelines, mine tailings pipelines, mine concentrate pipeline and waste water and pipelines, conveyance iron ore slurry, – coal / cement slurry and slurry transportation in mines.

Ultra PE pipe™ has the following impressive statistics: up to 40 times the abrasion resistance of steel while being 8 times lighter than steel and having 5 times lower coefficient of friction than steel and offering as low as 1/10 the pressure loss of steel pipes. UHMWPE pipes are ideal for the transport of powder and coal ash in thermal power system, backwater pipelines, the transport of mine tailings and slurry in the mining industry, the high-pressure transport of pulverized coal and coal-water slurry of coal preparation plant in the coal industry, as well as the transport of mud and corrosive media with slag in other industries.

UHMWPE is 1/8 the weight of mild steel but is high in tensile strength. Also unlike steel, UHMWPE is an inexpensive alternative to metals and ceramics, and because it is self-lubricating, long-wearing, and resistant to abrasion, and corrosion. UHMWPE is well suited for pipe applications that demand high abrasion resistance combined with low friction.


Dredging Today Staff, April 13, 2012; Image: slurrypipes