Angola: Marine Works for Lobito Port Expansion Completed

The concrete pouring works of longitudinal girder at the last section of container terminal structure was successfully completed at the Angola Lobito Port Terminal Expansion On April 13, marking the completion of all the marine works for the project.

Up to date, China Harbour Project Department at Lobito has constructed 50 cross girders, 172 longitudinal girders and 11,850 cubic meters cast-in-place concrete. Facing all kinds of difficulties, the Project Department optimized some construction measures so as to speed up the construction progress and achieve the staged construction targets in advance under the premise of ensuring the construction safety and quality.

The project construction progress and the HSEQ management work were accepted and confirmed by the Angolan Ministry of Transportation, the Lobito Port Authority and the Engineer on site.


Dredging Today Staff, April 20, 2012;