The Netherlands: APMT Selects Imtech as Partner for New Container Terminal

 APMT Selects Imtech as Partner for New Container Terminal.

Royal Imtech N.V. (IM-AE, technical services provider in and outside Europe) announces that APMT – AP Moller Terminal, part of the Maersk Group – has selected Imtech as partner, together with the constructing companies Dura Vermeer and GMB, to realise a high-tech container terminal at the second Dutch Maasvlakte. The total contract value for the GMB/Dura/Imtech combination amounts to approximately 100 million euro.

René van der Bruggen, CEO Imtech: “The objective is not only that the new terminal will operate almost unmanned, but that it will also be the safest terminal in the world. Technology makes this possible and Imtech is fulfilling an important role in this.”

High-tech container terminal

The second Maasvlakte is the expansion of the Port of Rotterdam, situated to the west of the first Maastvlakte. This 2,000 hectare expansion makes the port bigger by some 20 percent. There is already an APMT terminal on the first Maasvlakte and a second container terminal on the second Maasvlakte is now being added. This is to become the most modern and innovative of the dozens of Maersk terminals worldwide. As the new terminal will operate almost unmanned, the strictest safety requirements will be observed. The award of this contract to GMB/Dura/Imtech came about following a long tender procedure with an extensive pre-qualification process.

Technology partner

As technology partner, Imtech will provide the entire energy infrastructure, which will be implemented sustainably. An important part of this is the use of transformers to convert middle voltage to low voltage. This will provide amongst other things all the cranes on the site with sustainable power. Imtech is also responsible for the high-tech glass fibre network that is required for the automatic control of the terminal as well as all camera systems that play an important role in the state-of-the-art security. Imtech will also realise innovative and sustainable LED lighting.


Dredging Today Staff, April 23, 2012; Image: vdcp