Fiji: Navua River Dredging About to Begin

According to, the Navua River dredging project is expected to begin early next month.

The interim government has awarded a 2.2 million US dollar contract to the company China Railway First Group to excavate 500,000 cubic metres of sediments across a 2.94 kilometre stretch of the river.

Colin Simmons, the Director of land and water resources management at the Department of Agriculture, says preparations have begun and over six months workers will dredge sediments up to three metres deep and 100 metres wide .

“They can expect that at least the river will be able to accommodate some of the heavy, intense rainfall that we are currently experiencing and that contribute to heavy flooding in the area. And the river also is an outlet for a number of agricultural drainage schemes developed in the area. So that will provide effective draw-down of water during times of heavy, intense rainfall and flooding,” stated Simmons.

He also added that the government is considering dredging other major rivers in Fiji.


Dredging Today Staff, April 24, 2012;