Maple Lake Dredging Plan Progresses Well (USA)

As reports, the Paw Paw Village Council members during their April 9 meeting continued their efforts to clean up Maple Lake with approval of a bid for dredging the LaCantina Basin and other selected parts of the lake.

John Small, the Public Services Director, presented two bids for the project to the council, with his recommendation to accept the method and estimates of Eco Marine, Inc. The procedure for sediment removal offered by the Luna Pier, MI, firm involves pumping the sediment from the bottom of the lake into fabric bags on the shore.

The “geo-tech” sacks will be filled and piled in designated staging areas where the water can seep out, leaving just the unwanted soil to dry out in the bags, then be disposed of. The ground at each staging area will be lined under the bags to allow the water to be funneled back into the lake.

Small said the geo-tech bags can dry out in as short as a month.


Dredging Today Staff, April 24, 2012;