Pakistan: KPT to Undertake Dredging Project Soon

 KPT to Undertake Dredging Project Soon

According to Business Recorder, Karachi Port Trust (KPT) is going to undertake the fish harbour dredging project soon as its study on berths scope is in the final phase of completion.

Tender notice for the fish harbour’s dredging project will shortly be announced as the trust is close to finish the study on berths scope and compiling their details,” the official said.

They also stated that the trust would carry out the dredging project through a private company whichever appeared successful in the race for the assignment.

The KPT will pay the expenses to the company, despite it is not its job to do dredging for the fish harbour,” they added.

The KPT would not undertake the job with its dredgers, the officials said, adding that the trust’s sea excavators were bigger in size as compared to the total size of the fish harbour’s navigational channel and would have the job carried out through private firms.

The dredging project would be carried out in different phases, as the KFHA wants to manage the movement and parking of the in-out fishing boats.


Dredging Today Staff, April 24, 2012; Image: