The Netherlands: RWG Quay Wall Protected

 RWG Quay Wall Protected

The quay wall of Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG), one of the first clients on Maasvlakte 2, is now protected against propeller wash when container giants moor.

Very traditional Dutch fascine mats of willow branches were woven together for this purpose in March.

These fascine mats protect the bed and quay walls of the port basin. The mats prevent the propeller wash from shifting sand adversely over the bed.

The Van Aalsburg company wove seven fascine mats for the first quay wall on Maasvlakte 2.

Measuring from 200 to 300 metres long, the willow mats each cover an area of about 5,000 m2. This method of protecting the bed has a long proven track record. For more than 100 years, these kinds of mats have protected banks and beds against erosion by water.

The use of natural materials means this method is environment-friendly. It takes two days to produce a mat, while sinking it costs another half a day. Tugboats bring the mats to their location along the quay.

Weighed down by stones, the mats are then sunk to the bottom of the port basin. Winches ensure that the mats land on the right spot.


Dredging Today Staff, April 26, 2012; Image: maasvlakte2