Dredging at New River Inlet Completed (USA)

As JDNews reports, the dredging work has been completed at an area inlet to repair damage from last year’s Hurricane Irene.

We just completed dredging New River Inlet using the Sidecast Dredge Merritt from April 1 to April 15,” wrote Ann Johnson of the Wilmington District’s public affairs office. “The funds were provided as a result of the Hurricane Irene Storm Supplemental. The dredging was conducted to restore the inlet to pre-storm conditions.”

The side-cast Dredge Merritt has been at work along the North Carolina coast pumping sand from shoaled areas that have hampered navigation along the area’s shallow-draft inlets and channels.

The authorized depth for the channel is six feet.


Dredging Today Staff, April 27, 2012;