LGU: Dredging Won’t Affect Cagayan Shrimp (Philippines)

Dredging Won't Affect Cagayan Shrimp

The local government unit of this coastal town assured Cagayanos and conservationists that the dredging of the mouth of the Cagayan River will not affect a species of alamang, the Philippine Information Agency reports.

Mayor Ismael Tumaru said his government will not sacrifice one of Aparri’s sources of livelihood even as the river will be dredged due to heavy siltation.

That the habitat of alamang, a shrimp specie also known as terasi ( Indonesia),ngapi (Burmese), kapi (Thai. Kmer and Lao), or belacan in Malay, will be threatened was likewise expressed as a concern by conservationist since three years ago when the plan to dredge the river was just starting.

Tumaru said there have been various scientific studies on the area that suggested safety measures to protect the specie.


Dredging Today Staff, May 11, 2012; Image: cdodev