Australia: “SAIBAI” Shows Great Results on Mooloolah River

SAIBAI Shows Great Results on Mooloolah River

After five picture perfect days of calm seas, Hall Contracting’s Cutter Suction Dredge, “SAIBAI”, has successfully opened the channel of the notoriously difficult-to-cross Mooloolah River Mouth in Queensland, Australia.

Director of Hall Contracting, Peter Hall, said this is a welcome change after the recent run of bad weather.

“The project has delivered a double benefit to locals and the tourist industry with all sand dredged to date by the “SAIBAI” being pumped to Mooloolaba’s famous beaches,” Mr Hall said.

SAIBAI Shows Great Results on Mooloolah River.

The sand was used to replace eroded sections of the beach and shore up the tree roots exposed during the recent bad weather.

“I commend the state and local authorities and their employees for doing the best they could during the extraordinary weather patterns experienced in the region over the past year,” Mr Hall said.


Dredging Today Staff, May 17, 2012; Images: Hall Contracting