Nigeria: Lagos Presents EIA of Eko Atlantic City

Lagos State Government has unveiled the long-awaited Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Eko Atlantic City, according to allAfrica.

Mr. David Frame, the Managing Director of the South Energyx Nigeria Limited (developers of the Eko Atlantic City), said that the number of jobs the city would generate when completed at over 150,000.

He also stated: “Ten years from now, people will begin to troop to Lagos just as the case of Dubai. The city will have will have a west point Marina of 350 metres diameter and will provide outlet for those who wants to enjoy the canal system. The city project will provide accommodation for 250,000 people.”

He added that the developer of the city had 78 years certificate of occupancy on the project to enable it recoup its investment over time, saying that three million square metres of land had been reclaimed from the ocean out of the nine million square metres of land for the city.

In view of the scale of Eko Atlantic, it is concluded that the project will have major positive effects in restoring and protecting the shoreline and minimal side effects. A scoping exercise was carried out to identify the main issues that needed addressing as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment,“ concluded Mr. Frame.


Dredging Today Staff, May 29, 2012;