The Netherlands: CEDA Publishes Climate Change Adaptation Paper

CEDA Publishes Climate Change Adaptation Paper

The Central Dredging Association is committed to environmentally responsible management of dredging activities and the paper “CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION AS IT AFFECTS THE DREDGING COMMUNITY” seeks to raise awareness, to help the dredging community prepare for consequences of climate change, and to understand how dredging can contribute to adaptation measures.

The dredging community means all those involved in any kind of activity related to dredging. This includes not only the dredging industry (contractors, manufacturers) but also port and water authorities, policy makers, regulators, consultants and stakeholder groups. Geographically, this CEDA position paper focuses on northwestern Europe but other parts of the CEDA area may face similar challenges.

Climate change is now a fact. It is also now widely accepted that human activities are playing a role in the increase of greenhouse gas emissions that have accelerated global warming during the last century, although the significance of the human contribution is still a matter of debate.

CEDA Publishes Climate Change Adaptation Paper.

The position paper highlights the main implications of climate change for dredging and discusses potential preparatory and adaptation measures in general terms. It elaborates on specific climate change issues and adaptation requirements/options in relation to three typical environments in which dredging takes place: open coasts; seaports, estuaries and access channels and inland waters. Innovation and flexibility will be crucial factors for successful and sustainable adaptation both in terms of technical solutions and in the regulatory context – states the document.

The position paper has been produced under the remit of the CEDA Environment Commission by a CEDA Working Group with members representing a wide range of expertise, disciplines and nations. It has been reviewed by experts on dredging from various professional groups.

CEDA will continue to facilitate and support the wider dredging community in meeting these challenges and delivering effective climate adaptation.


Dredging Today Staff, May 29, 2012; Images: dredging