USA: Conrad Launches Shallow Water Dredger

Conrad Launches Shallow Water Dredger

The boat is great,” said Terry Frickey, the Conrad Industries project manager, during an introduction of the new Murden dredging vessel.

Conrad’s Murden is a 156-foot-long shallow water dredger with a maximum hopper load capacity of 512 cubic yards, according to

The vessel is powered by two 760-horse power Cummins engines, and has two 480-volt Cummins generators. It features a Hydra-Pro forward deck crane and a Mobile Pully dredge pump and skid.

Conrad Shipyards specializes in the construction of a wide variety of steel and aluminum marine equipment for commercial and governmental clients.

The company constructs a variety of marine vessels, including large and small deck cargo barges, single and double hull tank barges, lift boats, push boats, towboats, offshore tugboats and offshore supply vessels.


Dredging Today Staff, May 30, 2012; Image: conradindustries