State Representative Introduces Dredging Resolution (USA)

State Representative Al Pscholka has introduced a resolution in the House calling on the federal government to make sure that money in the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund is properly used.

The fund is comprised of tax dollars collected at ports all over the country, and some of those dollars are supposed to go to things like harbor dredging, according to

However, in recent years, there have been some delays in getting that money released for such purposes. Pscholka’s House Resolution 195 notes that the Obama administration has only budgeted about half of the revenue collected through the harbor maintenance tax for maintaining that nation’s harbors, specifying that nearly one point five billion dollars in taxes was collected from shippers, but only 758 million has been allocated for dredging harbors.

Pscholka says that it’s time for Congress to enact legislation guaranteeing that Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund money is spent on its intended purposes.


Dredging Today Staff, June 7, 2012;