China: CCCC WTC Bags Anchorage Survey Project of Yangpu Port

CCCC WTC Bags Anchorage Survey Project of Yangpu Port

Recently, CCCC Water Transportation Consultants Co., Ltd. has won the bid for anchorage survey of Yangpu Port in Hainan Province, with a contract value of 11.3 million yuan.

As part of the anchorage extension of Yangpu Port, the project will set up 22 anchorages according to the design plan; the bid involves a sea area of some 173.7 square kilometers. About 297 drill holes will be arranged with a total drilling footage of some 2,970 meters.

According to sources, with the rapid growth of throughput of Yangpu Port and the increase in the number of arriving vessels in recent years, the trend of vessel enlargement has become prominent and existing anchorages have been unable to meet the demand for port development. The project will be of great importance to satisfying the need for the throughput development of Yangpu Port and promoting its leapfrog development.


Dredging Today Staff, June 14, 2012; Image: