USA: Robert B. Wetta of WEDA Presents Annual Report

Robert B. Wetta of WEDA Presents Annual Report

Mr. Robert B. Wetta President of the Western Dredging Association called the meeting to Order at 1:25 pm Tuesday June 12, 2012 and presented the Annual Report that covers the period from June 7, 2011 until June 12, 2012. The President presented the following:

“During the period of this report WEDA Membership continues to increase. Although more than 320 individuals were dropped from our rolls for various reasons 304 new members were added. As of this date our total membership stands at 4558. We are continuing to update our data base.

“Credit for this continued membership increase must be given to the outstanding efforts by WEDA’s North American Chapter, Expansion of WEDA activities in Central and South America and Texas A & M’s Short Course. Although our combined efforts to increase membership continue to produce excellent results all are encouraged to let your friends and colleagues know about the advantages of being a WEDA Member. Because issues throughout our industry are changing almost on a daily basis “the experiences and knowledge available to WEDA from new members will greatly benefit our association and our industry”. “We need the experience and knowledge from new members in areas such as excavated materials, enhancement of our environment and the disposition of contaminated sediments. We need to hear more from the Sand & Gravel industry and the dredging contractors about new equipment, and dredging techniques. We need to become aware of successes and problem areas.

“As to our financial status, WEDA’s Total Liabilities and Fund Balance as of 30 May 2012 was $206,000.00. WEDA as a not for profit organization has as of 11 June 2012 the following:

– Checking Account: $206,000.00

– On Site Revenues: $ 35,840.00

– Reserve Funds: $ 22,000.00

“During the past fiscal year sufficient funds were available to allow us to continue our financial support to Texas A & M University through our $2500.00 contribution to William R. Murden Scholarship awarded annually to a Texas A & M graduate student in the fields of dredging and marine engineering and construction. In other areas funds are available to continue to support WEDA’s Student Paper’s Program that is designed to encourage University students to present technical papers at WEDA/Texas A & M Western Hemisphere conferences… For those not familiar with the student papers program WEDA waives the student registration fees, and will provide financial support in the amount of $500.00 at each annual conference for up to 4 students. “The Student deemed to have presented the best paper will be awarded a Best Student Paper Certificate and a $300.00 cash prize.

“WEDA members are reminded that because of their hard and dedicated work WEDA has become the recognized center of dredging excellence throughout the Western Hemisphere. As the only professional technical association, in the Western Hemisphere dedicated to the exchange of information and knowledge related to dredging, marine engineering and construction as well as the enhancement of the Marine Environment WEDA considers it an honor to be able to continue to promote WEDA’s stated goals and objectives through conferences and trade shows such as this one. The planning and preparation of programs such as WEDA 32 and Texas A&M 43rd Annual Dredging Seminar, along with our Journal of Dredging Engineering has contributed significantly to our ability to meet our stated goals and objectives.

“Because the health and welfare of WEDA members is paramount and the safety of dredgers and other WEDA Members on and off the job has become one of our primary concerns WEDA continues to work with United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Dredging Contractors of America to raise to new heights the awareness level of all our members about the hazards they face on a daily basis. WEDA’s Safety Commission Chairman, Tom Verna is to be commended for his outstanding performance in promoting safety throughout the industry. I am also pleased to report that WEDA’s Safety Commission and Panel chaired by Tom at this and other WEDA conferences are having the desired impact.

“No annual report would be complete without mentioning the outstanding job performance of all WEDA Chapters. During the reporting period the Eastern, Gulf, Midwest and Pacific chapters have held their annual meetings in their respective areas. All were well attended and professionally done.

“For your information 2012-2013 Western Hemisphere Dredging Conference including Chapter Meetings, plus the World Dredging Congress.

“Our next Annual Western Hemisphere Dredging Conference, WEDA 33 and TEXAS A &M 43rd Annual Dredging Seminar will be held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village August 23-28, 2013 (Sunday- Wednesday). Exhibitor Applications for WEDA 33 and TAMU 44 will soon be available on the Website.

“I am certain that you all have seen our motto, that “Dredging Creates a Strong Economy and a Cleaner Environment”. Having long ago recognized that Dredging Contributes to the preservation and enhancement of our environment and is essential to both a strong economy and a cleaner environment WEDA, largely through the efforts of our Environmental Commission chairman Craig Vogt, has made great strides in making environmental dredging issues one of the focal points at these conventions. It has become common knowledge throughout the industry that only by educating all concerned on the importance of Dredging and working together can we hope to remove the environmental obstacles to dredging.

“If you enjoy your free copy of our Journal of Dredging Engineering take a few minutes to thank Ram Mohan our Technical Papers Committee chairman. It is mainly through his efforts that these peer review practices periodical on dredging engineering topics are published.

“To honor our loyal and supportive members we have at the registration desk WEDA year pins for those members who are celebrating 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 years of membership. Stop by the registration desk and pick yours up.

“Before moving on to items of new Business are there any questions or additional items of old business. There being none the President turned the Membership’s attention to new Business.

“The first order of new business is to announce that the Dredging Contractors of America’s Most Outstanding Paper Award, WEDA’s Best Student Paper Award and DCA’s Best Paper Award will be presented during the closing ceremonies as will the $500.00 Cash door prize and Complementary Hotel accommodations at WEDA 33/TAMU 44. You must be present to claim the Cash Award and the Hotel Accommodations.

“A CD copy of the proceeding of this conference were included in your registration package. If you have not yet received yours you may pick one up at the registration desk. I would like to thank Dr. Robert Randall for his efforts in getting the proceedings ready for distribution at this conference.

“Our next order of business is the nomination and election of new board members. The terms of Board Members Ram K. Mohan, Greg Hartman, Donald Hayes, Dan Hussin, Peter Marotta, Jeffrey Mckee, Robert Randall, and Philip Spadaro have expired. Our Nomination Committee of Robert Wetta, Paul Quinn and Matthew Binsfeld have recommended that Daniel Hussin, Donald Hayes, Peter Marotta, Ram Mohan and Robert Randall be returned to the board to serve until June of 2015. The president asked for any nominations from the floor? There being none a motion was made to accept the nominating committee’s recommendations, seconded and passed by a voice.

“Ladies and gentlemen this completes my report and if there is no other business to be brought before the general membership, our sincere thanks and appreciation to all who have made this conference a huge success and to all the delegates and exhibitors, thank you for attending.”

Dredging Today Staff, June 26, 2012; Image: westerndredging



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