Brussels to Host WODCON (Belgium)

Brussels to Host WODCON

World Dredging Congresses (WODCONs) are organised once every three years by WODA, the World Organisation of Dredging Associations.

First organised in 1967 in New York and held throughout the world since, this series of congresses has become the unique most important event for dredging professionals worldwide. WODCONs, the only worldwide events dedicated exclusively to dredging and maritime construction, provide a unique platform for researchers and practitioners from industry, academia and governments to meet and debate dredging.

WODCON XX (3-7 June 2013, Square-Brussels meeting centre Brussels, Belgium) will showcase some 120 technical papers over three days covering all aspects of dredging and maritime construction. All WODCON XX papers will be peer reviewed and provide up to date, relevant and high quality information.

The congress will also feature a technical exhibition and technical visits. These technical programme elements will ensure a complete learning process, while various social events will allow participants to meet fellow professionals from all over the world in a friendly and inspiring atmosphere.

Who will attend?

WODCON XX will bring together expert representatives of manufacturers, universities, research institutes, consultants, public authorities working in the dredging, navigation, coastal and inland flood protection, deep-sea mining, offshore wind energy, oil and gas production fields and providers of a broad range of services such as brokers, insurers, financiers, lawyers, and many more.

Destination and Venue

As the capital of the European Union, Brussels is quickly gaining a reputation as one of Europe’s must-see destinations. With its small town charm and big city amenities, it is home to countless fine restaurants, shops and museums as well as famous festivals and cultural events.

CEDA has chosen Brussels as the destination for WODCON XX, not only because of the worldwide reputation of Belgian dredging know-how, but also because of the variety of fluvial and maritime leading edge infrastructure that can be seen in the country. Not many people know that Brussels actually has a seaport as it is linked to the Scheldt river by a sea-canal for vessels up to 10,000 tonnes.

WODCON XX will take place in the Square – Brussels Meeting Centre, a spectacular meeting venue. Surrounded by museums full of old masterpieces, it is located on the “Mount of Arts”, not only in the heart of Brussels, but also in the heart of Europe.

Technical Visits

Interesting and informative technical field trips will be offered on the last congress day on Friday, 7 June. Delegates will have the opportunity to choose from several options including the Amoras dewatering plant for dredged material, a boat trip on the river Scheldt including a visit to major flood control works upstream of Antwerp and more.


Dredging Today Staff, July 11, 2012; Image: wodcon

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