Australia: Science Panel to Deliver Report Card on Gladstone Harbour

Science Panel to Deliver Report Card on Gladstone Harbour

Environment and Heritage Protection Minister, Andrew Powell today put out a call to Australia’s leading scientists to chair the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Science Panel.

The establishment of the panel follow’s Premier Campbell Newman’s announcement of the formation of the Gladstone Harbour Healthy Harbour Partnership earlier this year.

Mr Powell said the Government was looking for a chair with a high level of knowledge, skills and experience in environmental science to manage the new panel.

This is a unique opportunity to be a leader of the innovative change required to achieve improved environmental and ecosystem health outcomes for Gladstone Harbour,” he said.

The chair will oversee this process while recognising the harbour’s proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and its function both as a major industrial centre and port.

The science panel will provide independent and objective scientific advice to the Gladstone Healthy Harbour partnership about the long term management and monitoring of the harbour.

Gladstone Harbour is one of the most monitored waterways in Australia, and arguably the world.

The Newman Government is committed to an open, transparent and independent peer reviewed science panel to support the Partnership.

What this project aims to do is to ensure data is collected consistently so we can compare the outcomes.

The panel will then compile those results and prepare a water health report card every 12 months so the wider community can be informed of the results as this project progresses.”

Mr Powell said the chair would preside over science panel meetings and provide expert advice and recommendations on behalf of the science panel to the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership.

The Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership represents government, industry, research groups and the community coming together to deliver a shared vision for Gladstone Harbour which is based on science.

The role of chair will initially be until 31st August 2013.


Dredging Today Staff, July 23, 2012; Image: westernbasinportdevelopment