UK: Dredger Arrives at Arbroath Harbor

Dredger Arrives at Arbroath Harbor

Due to the high levels of silt in the Arbroath harbor, the all-weather lifeboat has been unable to launch.

According to, the Angus Council was unable to find a replacement for a dredging contract that ended in December 2010 and since then an accumulation of muck has blocked the RNLI station’s slipway and the harbor entrance.

A council spokeswoman confirmed the dredger arrived at the harbor at around 12.30pm on Thursday and it is understood the boat then left and reappeared around 7pm, reports

The Council had set aside a sum of £150,000 for a three-year dredging contract which was put out to tender — but the lowest tender submitted was for £690,000.


Dredging Today Staff, July 30, 2012; Image: openwaterdredging