USA: Hudson River Dredging Project on Schedule

Hudson River Dredging Project on Schedule

After weather delays affected the first two years of dredging, this year’s Hudson River dredging project is well on its way to accomplishing the goal for the season.

Mark Behan, General Electric spokesman, said: “Thus far, it’s been a terrific summer in terms of productivity and we have more than two months of dredging still ahead.”

For GE, the goal is to meet the dredging standards set out by the Environmental Protection Agency, and exceed them if possible,” Behan said.

According to, this year the goal is to dredge 350,000 cubic yards, or about 400,000 tons, of sediment from the river. As of July 21, 230,000 cubic yards had already been dredged.

Last year, the dredging season lasted through early November.

“We are hopeful GE will exceed the goal, though there are many factors that could impact productivity,” EPA spokeswoman Larisa Romanowski wrote in an email. “Given where we are today, if all goes well, GE will likely exceed the 350,000.”


Dredging Today Staff, July 31, 2012; Image: hudsondredging