Trimble Receivers Support Fugro’s Marinestar Positioning Service (USA)

Trimble Receivers Support Fugro's Marinestar Positioning Service

Trimble has announced that its latest generation of GNSS receivers for marine construction and hydrographic survey now support Fugro’s Marinestar positioning services.

Using satellite-delivered Marinestar corrections with Trimble® SPS855 and SPS555H GNSS receivers, contractors can conduct dredging work up to 20 miles offshore, without relying on land-based infrastructure such as reference stations and radio networks. The Fugro Marinestar positioning service expands the operating environment for contractors using the Trimble marine construction GNSS receivers and enables decimeter accuracy for precise placement of dredging equipment and dredged materials.

The Trimble SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver provides accurate water level information and tidal height for a construction or dredging location, which is significantly more cost-effective than with conventional methods. Its modular design means the contractor can place the receiver inside the vessel cabin for maximum security and protection from the environment while mounting the GNSS antenna outside for optimized signal strength. The Trimble SPS555H Heading Add-on Receiver provides exact heading information for projects that require precise orientation of a dredging vessel.

The Marinestar positioning service from Fugro offers two options: Marinestar GPS — a high-performance, high-accuracy GPS augmentation service; and Marinestar GNSS — a high-performance augmentation service for both the GPS and GLONASS Navigation Satellite Systems.


Dredging Today Staff, August 2, 2012; Image: trimble