Australia: Latest Version of Murray Darling Basin Plan Released

Latest Version of Murray Darling Basin Plan Released

The latest version of the Murray Darling Basin Plan released today has made some progress, but still fails to address key issues important to Victoria.

The Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has not sufficiently addressed issues such as sustainable diversion limit (SDL) adjustment mechanisms or the salinity and water quality targets, and their impacts.

Another significant matter yet to be determined is the amount of water each state will have to give up as a part of the apportionment of downstream SDL reductions.

These are all issues raised in the Basin Ministers’ communiqué of 9 July 2012. They are issues critical to northern Victorian irrigators and local communities.

Victoria now has three weeks to work with the other basin states to insist the Federal Minister for Water Tony Burke directs the MDBA to make further changes to the plan before its introduction to the Commonwealth Parliament.

Victoria will continue the fight for a plan that achieves balance between the environment, social and economic issues, and balance between the needs of the basin states.


Dredging Today Staff, August 6, 2012; Image: