Minister: Bangkok Will Not Be Flooded (Thailand)

Social Development and Human Security Minister Santi Prompat has expressed his confidence that unless the amount of rain this year is higher than last year, Bangkok will not be inundated.

Speaking of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security’s project to relocate residents, whose homes were built over the canals, Mr. Santi has already submitted a report on its progress to Mr. Prodprasob Surasawadee, who is the chairman of the flood and water management committee, for acknowledgement.

The residents will be moved to a designated zone, according to Mr. Santi, which is within a 5-kilometer radius from their old houses, in their new living quarters expected to be erected by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. The purpose of such endeavor is to remove blocking objects from waterways in order to better manage the flood this year.

The Minister is confidence that the capital city will not be submerged under water this year if the amount of rain does not exceed last year’s level. Canals in Bangkok and its vicinities, he said, have been unclogged, dredged and ready to handle the rainy season.


Dredging Today Staff, August 21, 2012