Brazil: Port of Rio de Janeiro to Receive Big Investments

The Port of Rio de Janeiro will receive around R$ 3 billion in investments by 2016, which should increase its capacity by 80%.

The announcement was made on August 20 by the State Government. The funds will come from the private sector and all three levels of government (Federal, State and Municipal). The program, entitled “21st Century Port of Rio”, includes dredging Guanabara Bay to receive larger ships, construction of a pier to expand the passenger terminal, and the renovation and construction of highways, railways and cargo terminals in the port area.

According to the Rio de Janeiro State Secretary of Transport, Júlio Lopes, these projects should increase the flow of goods by more than 50% starting in 2013. “We want a specialized port, with increased throughput adding value. We are therefore re-organizing the entire region. The important thing is that there will be an increase in port operations in Rio de Janeiro, generating more taxes for the City and for the State“, he said. With initiatives to expand the rail network over the next ten years, cargo arriving at the port by rail should increase to 15% of the total – five times more than its current participation.

A pier with berths for up to seven ships will be built at the Port of Rio de Janeiro, to be partly ready for the World Cup in 2014, said the President of the Olympic Committee, Márcio Fortes. The aim is to increase accommodation capacity in the State capital during the large-scale events that Rio will be hosting. “There will be an offer of 10,000 rooms for 24,000 people, which will supplement the hotel accommodation capacity, with half that capacity being available for the World Cup”, said Fortes.

He assured that the work will be completed by the time of the Olympics.


Source: Agencia Brasil, August 23, 2012