Reef Subsea Rebrands Its Norwegian Companies

Reef Subsea Rebrands Its Norwegian Companies

Reef Subsea announced yesterday that it is set to fully rebrand and align its companies in Norway, namely Technocean and Scanmudring-Rotech Subsea, to position itself as a dynamic and integrated contractor in the subsea market.

Coupled with an extension of its geographical footprint, the Group is well positioned to serve its clients with specialised services under one company name. The move ensures Reef Subsea provides its turnkey subsea services, mainly IRM & Subsea Construction, Installation & Trenching, and Dredging & Excavation services, with increased capabilities to listen to and serve its clients as a fully integrated subsea contractor.

Technocean AS, headquartered in Bergen, is now rebranded Reef Subsea Norway AS. The latter has been providing a diverse range of staff and marine services up to light subsea construction projects for major operators and contractors over the last 15 years. Reef Subsea Norway with a new, international management team will concentrate on providing packaged IRM and subsea construction support services as well as operations support over the life of field services. Its engineering and project management is also being significantly reinforced.

Reef Subsea Norway is also extending its operational footprint out of the Norwegian continental shelf to the other side of the North Sea, with Reef Subsea UK Ltd based in Aberdeen. Offering the same services as Reef Subsea Norway, and united under a common management team, Reef Subsea UK will improve the understanding of international clients’ needs and be closer to customers in the UK. Both companies are planning to develop out of the North Sea towards Denmark, Holland, the Baltic region, and further to West Africa, the Mediterranean and Brazil.

Scanmudring-Rotech Subsea, which specialises in dredging and controlled flow excavation services since the acquisition of Rotech Subsea by Reef Subsea last November, will now trade under the Reef Subsea Dredging and Excavation name. The new group has companies in Mandal (Norway), Aberdeen (UK), St John’s (Canada), Houston (USA) and Singapore and operates the world’s largest range of equipment ranging from precision dredging to controlled flow excavation.

Reef Subsea Dredging and Excavation is now a global company with unmatched assets capabilities and skills in seabed dredging and excavation services. Its clients include oil and gas companies, as well as main contractors sub-contracting these tasks to specialised contractors. Reef Subsea Dredging and Excavation works independently from Reef Subsea companies and offers the same cost-based solutions to all its clients, whether they are from Reef Subsea Group or not.

Tim Sheehan, Reef Subsea Chief Operating Officer, said: “Our decision to rebrand our companies was taken last winter as a consequence of the acquisition of Rotech Subsea, and of a new strategic orientation we wanted for Technocean. We have now all our activities branded under the same name and values. This also includes Reef Subsea Power & Umbilical, our installation and trenching business, which has successfully developed since 2011. We are delighted to offer now our clients clear and consistent integrated services all under the same company name.”

Duncan MacPherson, Managing Director of Reef Subsea Norway, said: “It is an important milestone for the company. Our strategic vision is fully supported by the Group and all our employees are associated to the past and recent successes. The rebranding and geographical extension of our activities gives us all a fresh start, and we look forward to improving the service to our clients from both sides of the North Sea under a common management.”

Niels-Henrik Brodtkorb, Managing Director of Reef Subsea Dredging and Excavation, commented: “Joining Reef Subsea and integrating all our businesses is a big achievement for us. Bringing our dredging and excavation services under a single name worldwide will enforce our visibility, strengthen the message we send to our clients – operators and contractors – and globally improve the service we offer them. We have strong and successful regional management teams who are delighted to join the new brand system and keen to offer their clients integrated, field-proven and safe solutions for their dredging and excavation projects.”


Press Release, August 24, 2012