Croatia: Dredging Brings Bigger Vessels to Rijeka Port

Dredging Brings Bigger Vessels to Rijeka Port

The vessel Cape Veni is announced to dock the bulk terminal in the Bakar Bay on the 12th of September in 2012.

163. 000 tones of iron ore cargo is to be manipulated from the 290- metre-long ship with the draft of 17,5 metres to the port warehouses with the final destination to the Hungarian ironworks.

Such a manipulation is going to take place in Bakar for eight days. In the last 20 years, none of the ships of this sort has docked previously in the bulk terminal of the Bakar Bay.

The biggest reason was the 16,5 metres deep draught. Since last year, when the Port of Rijeka Authority prepared and deepened the sea bed up to 18 metres, there hasn’t been any technical problems with regard to accepting the largest vessels.


Press Release, September 3, 2012

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