Australia: Government Announces Coomera River Dredging Program

Government Announces Coomera River Dredging Program

The State Government has announced a $1.8 million dredging program of the Coomera River which could generate up to $60 million over the next two to three years as the big boats come to town.

Ryan Leigh-Smith, the Director of the Gold Coast City Marina and Shipyard at Coomera stated: “The industry had been lobbying the State Government since 1998 for the river to be dredged to 3.5m at low tide so that vessels up to 1500 tonnes could get to their shipyards. We have all the cranes and the facilities ready and waiting to handle 1500-tonne vessels, but we have been hamstrung by a lack of access.

According to, this plan could create up to 500 new jobs and increase the number of people employed there to 2500.

This dredging program is great, great news for our industry and the Gold Coast,” Mr Leigh-Smith concluded.


Dredging Today Staff, September 10, 2012; Image: hallcontracting


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