The Netherlands: General Dredging Course Approaches

General Dredging Course Approaches

The General Dredging Course is a two-week intensive course, focused on the design and operation of various types of dredging equipment and covers all basic aspects of dredging, such as dredging processes, automation and control, equipment selection, soil characteristics and project management of dredging projects.

The course will be held at the training facilities in Kinderdijk, from September 17-28, 2012.

To optimally link theory and practice, several excursions to nearby dredging projects and shipyards specialized in the design of dredging equipment are included.

The following subjects are covered:


• General introduction to dredging and the selection of dredging equipment

• Soil characteristics

• Dredge pump & slurry transportation

Dredging equipment (design, processes and production)

• Mechanical dredgers (bucket ladder, grab dredger, backhoe)

• Stationary dredgers (profile, cutter, wheel)

• Trailing suction hopper dredgers

Operational aspects

• Trailing suction hopper dredgers

• Stationary dredgers, cost and contracts

• Costs of dredging

• Dredging contracts


• Instrumentation and automation


• Maintenance aspects of dredging

• Wear and tear.



Press Release, September 12, 2012

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