Khalifa Port in Brazil

Khalifa Port in Brazil

A presentation on Khalifa Port has taken centre stage at a major international conference in Brazil – Rio Oil and Gas 2012.

The event, dedicated to maritime infrastructure, featured the conglomerate General Dynamics, the parent company of Page Europa, who installed the highly complex electronic security and communications system for Khalifa Port, which opened for commercial operations in September.

The conference was attended by market leaders in ports securities.

Andrew Boyle, Senior Manager, Media Relations, General Dynamics said: “All delegates showed an enormous interest in Khalifa Port’s Conatiner Terminal. We highlighted it at our stand and how the Terminal uses the latest cutting edge technology to operate extremely complex electronic systems. These power the Port Operating System, based in the electronic “brain” of the TOB (Terminal Operations’ Building) at the Terminal. It governs key features like the RFID electronic tags fitted to trucks, and also the VTS system which guides ships into the Port. Our contribution to the Port provides key security especially in governing who gains access to the Port, by road and by sea.”


Press Release, September 17, 2012