USA: Osborn Island Dredging Plan Unveiled

Osborn Island Dredging Plan Unveiled

The branching waterways at the Osborn Island have been clogged by sediment that makes navigation almost impossible.

Tom Alessi, the Kentucky Drive resident, said: “When you see a sea gull walking instead of paddling, you know it’s pretty shallow.”

According to, Osborn Island Residents Association committee members have obtained the needed state Department of Environmental Protection and Army Corps of Engineers permits to dredge an estimated 12,000 cubic yards of sediment from their lagoons at this area.

These permits will allow a contractor to remove the mud and silt at two points to a depth of four feet from mean low water and to truck the sediment to a landfill in Cape May County.


Dredging Today Staff, September 20, 2012; Image: thesandpaper