The Netherlands: IHC Beaver Dredgers Delivers DMC1400

IHC Beaver Dredgers Delivers DMC1400..

IHC Beaver Dredgers has delivered a Delta Multi Craft (DMC) 1400 workboat to a customer currently operating an IHC Beaver 6518C. It was supplied from stock to ensure a minimum lead time, and the workboat and dredger have now formed the perfect working partnership.

The DMC1400 will assist the dredger in its daily tasks, but can also be used for a wide range of marine operations in sheltered and shallow waters. These include pushing/pulling, buoy handling, and the ferrying of personnel and goods, such as fuel, oil and water.

This model is part of a successful range of workboats that have been designed and built by IHC Beaver Dredgers to service vessels it supplies to the dredging industry. In recent times, IHC Beaver Dredgers has delivered more than 40 workboats from the DMC series.

The DMC1400 is a multi‐purpose heavy‐duty workboat with a rectangular hull. The vessel is of standard design and built within the specification of the DMC series. This guarantees a proven concept with a combination of good performance and operational reliability.


Press Release, September 24, 2012