Vietnam: Dredging Projects Ease Floods in Ho Chi Minh City

According to the HCM City Steering Centre for the Anti-Flooding Programme, flooding has been prevented in eight areas where the city has built new drains and dredged canals and sewers.

The Viet Nam News reports that the city also plans to do similar work on two other flood-prone spots this year.

The eight areas are located on Vu Tung, Ung Van Khiem, Lanh Binh Thang, Hau Giang, Do Xuan Hop, Quang Trung, Phan Anh and An Duong Vuong streets.

Dredging was also done on 1,261 km of water-drainage sewers and 57 canals and sluice gates totalling a length of 6.5 kilometres.


Dredging Today Staff, September 28, 2012