Norway: NCA Introduces Vannvag Port Development Plans

NCA, the project manager and developer of the project “Vannvåg Port”, has introduced plans for the construction of two new breakwaters outside the current port so that there will be an outer and an inner harbour area.

The measure also includes dredging of the outer harbour area and the approach down to -8.3 metres below chart datum, and the inner harbour area down to -5.3 metres below chart datum.

Dredging spoil shall be used for infilling for breakwaters and the landscaping of the new industrial areas to the South of the new outer harbour area.

Rocks for the breakwaters can be taken from existing quarries and gravel pits near the ferry landing at Vannøya.

The deadline for this tender is November 1, 2012.


Dredging Today Staff, October 5, 2012