Philippines: DOTC Unveils Caminawit Port Development Project

The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) has lined up more development projects in the country in addition to a number of projects that it has earlier announced.

The latest listing includes the Caminawit Port development project in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro and the construction of buildings for the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) at the Roxas City PCG Station in Capiz and Iloilo City PCG Station in Iloilo.

The bidding process for the projects started Oct. 12 and will culminate with the submission and opening of bids on Nov. 5 for the port project and Nov. 6 for the two Coast Guard station buildings.

The Caminawit Port development project, which has an approved contract budget of P101 million, will involve the construction of an access road, fabrication and driving of concrete sheet piles, and construction of sea wall with wave deflector, concrete barrier, grouted riprap, drainage canal and box culvert.

On the other hand, the Coast Guard station building projects for Roxas and Iloilo cities will entail the construction of two 3-storey buildings including facilities for water supply and drainage.

The Roxas City Coast Guard station building has an approved contract budget of P11.4 million while that for Iloilo City has P10.1 million.

The projects announced earlier by the DOTC involved development projects at various airports, seaports, other and transportation and communications systems in the country.

These projects, DOTC said, are in line with its mission to support the initiatives and programs of the government by providing effective, efficient and secure infrastructure in the transportation and communications sectors.

Source: Philippine Information Agency,  October 12,  2012