USA: EPA Finalizes East Fishkill Cleanup Plan

EPA Finalizes East Fishkill Cleanup Plan

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has finalized its plan to clean up contaminated ground water at the Shenandoah Road Ground Water Contamination Superfund site in East Fishkill, New York.

Past industrial activities contaminated the ground water with tetrachloroethene, commonly known as PCE, which is a volatile organic compound that can have serious health effects.

The cleanup plan calls for the continued operation of a system that extracts and treats ground water coupled with natural processes to reduce the contaminants in the ground water. The ground water will continue to be periodically sampled to measure the effectiveness of both the ground water extraction and treatment system, and the natural processes.

Land and ground water use restrictions will also be required. The EPA held a public meeting on September 12, 2012 to explain its plan and considered public input before finalizing it.


Press Release, October 17, 2012