Lithuania: Klaipeda Port Infrastructure Project Completed

Klaipeda Port Infrastructure Project Completed

In the afternoon of the 8th of October 2012 the first experimental vessel „Tanais Leader“ was berthed at the anew constructed quay No. 67A, operated by Klaipėda Stevedoring Company „Bega“.

Klaipėda State Seaport Authority was the contracting party of this object.

Back in the history – on the 2nd of September 2010 the Port Authority concluded the contract agreement with Josef Möbius Bau-Aktiengesellschalf (presently Josef Möbius Bau-GmbH) on the construction works of the object „Reconstruction of quays No. 66 and No. 67 with extension of quays No. 66a and 67 a. The II construction stage – extension of quays No. 66a and 67a with local engineering networks“. The contract price was 51 999 991,38 Lt, including all costs and taxes.

Quays No. 66a and 67a form a pier, designated for handling operations. The length of already constructed pier is 236,80 metres, the width is 30 metres and the depth at the pier reaches up to 13 metres (in future it will be up to 14,5 metres). The already constructed pier provides additional possibilities to Klaipėda Stevedoring Company „Bega“ to handle bulk, general and liquid cargoes.

It is necessary to emphasize that the completion of this pier is the largest investment project of Port Authority that was completed this year, but not the last one. In the nearest future the Port Authority plans to complete the construction of the quay No. 143 A, the construction price of which amounts to 16,3 million litas, and the reconstruction of quays No. 8-9 with investments to reconstruction reaching up to 24 million litas. As it is known, the function of Port Authority is to ensure the development of Port capacity and competitiveness, but I always feel a great satisfaction when the constructions of the objects of such a size and financial value are completed,“ said Roma Museckienė, the infrastructure and development director.


Press Release, October 18, 2012