USA: Port Everglades Dredging Plan Step Closer to Realization

Port Everglades multi-million dredging plan nears realization, reports

Dredging would provide safe passage for boats, boost massive vessel traffic, and deepen the Port’s entrance to a 42-foot depth.

U.S. federal agency, United States Army Corps of Engineers, seeks bids for the Port Everglades dredging project, the value of which ranges between $5 million and $10 million.

They anticipate having a notice to proceed to a selected contractor sometime in January,” said David Anderton, seaport planning manager.

Another benefit which will positively affect the project realization is the storage of the dredged sand which will be placed near the port, without high transport costs.

A question that needs to be resolved is if the port should be deepened even more to accommodate “post-Panamax” ships.

This question will be answered by a study which is already underway.


Dredging Today Staff, October 18, 2012