Dredging – One of JAXPORT’s Major Business Obligations (USA)

Dredging - One of JAXPORT’s Major Business Obligations

JAXPORT handled 8.1 million tons of cargo last year, generating more than $19 billion in economic activity for Northeast Florida and providing jobs for 65,000 citizens.

The port is a significant part of the region’s economy, creating opportunity for numerous related industries and positively impacting the area’s quality of life.

One of JAXPORT’s major business obligations is to help ensure safe and efficient passage of all vessels entering the St. Johns River federal channel in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

As material builds up on the river bottom and at the port’s ship berths, JAXPORT must continually have contractors remove sand and sentiment to keep the harbor at its current guaranteed depth of 40 feet.

The material removed from the river is then stored in approved locations. Construction quality material can be sold and used for building and road projects, such as State Road 9A in Jacksonville.

Deepening of the port is extremely important in respect to increasing the port’s capacities, especially once the Panama Canal is expanded.

The port development project includes adding of a dozen new foreign terminals and deepening of its channel to 50 feet over the next three to four years, bringing thousands of new jobs to the area.


Dredging Today Staff, October 19, 2012; Image: jaxport