TSHD Macuti Launched (Lithuania)

TSHD Macuti Launched

Western Baltija Shipbuilding has launched the trailing suction hopper dredger Macuti, a FKAB D13 design which is being built for the Mozambican Ports and Rail Company (CFM) and the National Dredging Company (EMODRAGA).

The vessel is funded by the Mozambican government and the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA). The project is run thru Rohde Nielsen A/S & John. Gram-Hassen A/S. Rohde Nielsen A/S together with OSK Shiptech A/S will also support CFM/Emodraga with technical support and education during the project.

The vessel is classed by Bureau Veritas and complies with the DR 68 demands. The Dredging equipment is delivered by Vosta LMG.


Press Release, October 22, 2012