Hong Kong Hosts Workshop on Green Shipping

The Government will continue to sharpen its competitive capability by seeking to provide the driving force for the shipping and port industries to thrive, the Director of Marine, Mr Francis Liu, said today.

Speaking at the opening plenary of the APEC Port Services Network (APSN) Workshop organised by the Secretariat of the APSN and co-hosted by the Marine Department, Mr Liu noted that the Hong Kong Autonomous Shipping Register, maintenance of Hong Kong as a free port and timely provision of necessary supporting infrastructural facilities are important elements in strengthening Hong Kong’s role as a regional shipping hub. The study on the feasibility of developing a new container terminal, as well as the dredging work of the Kwai Tsing Container Basin and its approach, will help to ensure that our port is ready for ultra-large container ships at all tides.

On the environmental protection front, the Government has rolled out since September 2012 a three-year incentive scheme to attract ocean-going vessels using low-sulphur fuel while at berth in Hong Kong through reducing by half their port facilities and light dues. “We will also continue to partner with the industry and counterparts within the APEC region to promote green shipping like reduction of marine emissions from the international shipping and local craft community,” Mr Liu said.

The APSN Workshop provided a platform for port administrations, government and industry to address issues related to green shipping and supply chains in ports.

Over 50 representatives from across 16 member economies of the APEC region joined the three-day event held in Hong Kong.


Press Release, November 5, 2012