Vietnam: Phase 2 of Soai Rap Dredging Begins

Phase 2 of Soai Rap Dredging Begins

The groundbreaking ceremony for the start of the crucial Soai Rap Dredging Project Phase 2 took place yesterday in Ho Chi Minh City.

The project, executed for the account of the Management Board for Soai Rap Navigation Channel Dredging Investment Project of the Ministry of Transport in Vietnam, is intended to allow navigation for larger ships through the Soai Rap navigation channel, serving Ho Chi Minh City’s Hiep Phuoc Port, and the relocation of ports along the Saigon River towards the outlying areas.

On 26 June 2012, the joint venture Dredging International NV – Construction Consultation JSC for Maritime Building was awarded a contract to deepen and widen the Soai Rap Navigation Channel towards Hiep Phuoc Port.

The Soai Rap Navigation Channel will be dredged over a length of 54km to a depth of 9.5 m in order to accommodate ships up to 30,000DWT fully loaded, and 50,000DWT partially loaded.

The works will be completed within a timeframe of 14 months from the approval of the final design and be executed by using a trailing suction hopper dredger in combination with Vietnamese dredging equipment in the upper sections of the channel.

This project will undoubtedly generate social and economic benefits throughout the entire Mekong Delta. It will create employment and boost numerous business opportunities in Ho Chi Minh City, as well as initiate port construction and exploitation in the Long’An and Tien Giang provinces.

The contract for the second phase of the Soai Rap Dredging Project amounts to 71 million Euro.


Press Release, November 25, 2012